These two bros are bros for life.  If you need any further evidence other than us telling you, then watch the video below from the TV show, Cops.

Police were called to the scene where this tandem was apparently messing with someone's fence.  They were noticeably drunk, so the cops started questioning them.  One resisted.  Fast forward a few minutes to the point where the breathalyzer test is being administered.  One of them impressively blew a .121, to which he asked the cop, "Is that bad...for an 18-year-old?"  Not surprisingly, that earned them a ride in the paddywagon.  But their bro-ness didn't end simply because they were in cuffs.

Once in the back of the wagon, they basically started screaming and cheering, appearing to be excited about getting locked up for the night.  Bros are with you through thick and thin, and these bros exemplify that perfectly.