Here in Michigan, it doesn't really matter if Punxsutawney Phil, or Woody The Woodchuck here in Michigan, sees their shadow on Groundhog's Day or not because we base spring's arrival off of when Bell's Brewery releases Oberon for the season.

This year, Bell's is SO ready for the nicer weather that they have released a very spring/summer beer even before "Oberon Day" has arrived here in Michigan.

Bell's has announced the Flamingos are back, with the Flamingo Fruit Flight which is starting with Flamingo Fruit Fight Passionfruit and Lime Tart Ale. Interested in the taste?  Bell's website describes it as being brewed with passionfruit and lime zest which give the beer "a tart blend of tropical, citrus flavors and aromas."

The website says you might have had this brew prior to its release as a Flamingo Fruit Fight since it was originally released under the "Larry Latest" label which is a nod to Bell's owner Larry and his innovative spirit with the brewery.

Flamingo Fruit Fight Passionfruit and Lime Tart Ale is available in 12 oz. bottles or on draught in different locations around West Michigan.  It's the first of 5 beers to be released this year under the Flamingo Fruit Flight series, three of the other four beers are new brews too.

From the Bell's website:

  • NEW! Lemon Lime Flamingo Fruit Fight (starts shipping mid May)

  • NEW! Tequila Barrel Aged Flamingo Fruit Fight (starts shipping mid/late May)

  • NEW! Raspberry Flamingo Fruit Fight (starts shipping mid August)

  • Pomegranate Flamingo Fruit Fight (starts shipping mid October)

If you're a beer lover, something to look forward to pretty much each quarter of 2021.

By the way, I started off this story talking about Oberon and "Oberon Day", in case you're wondering when that is exactly this year... is Monday, March 23rd.



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