The Michigan Department of Natural Resources are trying to help more women become outdoorswomen and doing so with Instagram Live Events.

Technology has come a long way and sometimes it can be very useful when learning more about the outdoors which Michigan has a lot to learn about for sure.

According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website, in the next few weeks there will be opportunities for women 18 and older to learn more about the outdoors. There will Instagram Live Events on snowshoeing, fire starting, wilderness survival, turkey hunting and fly fishing.

These live events will offer women an opportunity learn more and improve their outdoors skills. The programs are very light-hearted and provide a noncompetitive atmosphere.

Pre-COVID-19 these type of events would normally be in person and would happen in February and then another session would be held in June. Because of the pandemic restrictions the DNR has elected to go with Instagram Live Events. It makes sense and you won't have to travel anywhere to take the classes.

The DNR is still waiting to decide if they will switch back to in-person training for the summer session but won't know for a few more weeks.

So if you are a lady 18 or older and are interested in learning more or just improving the outdoor skills you already have, here is a list of the events that will be taking place on Instagram:

  • March 11 @ 5 p.m. - Learn basic snowshoeing with instructor Sandra Kivela. You will learn basic snowshoeing, how to choose a snowshoe and the proper attire.
  • March 18 @ 5 p.m. - Lean turkey hunting from instructor Jen Davis. Learn the basics from scouting, calling and all the gear you need to hunt Michigan turkeys.
  • March 25 @ 5:30 p.m. - Learn fly fishing from instructor Nome Buckman. The class will cover the gear from choosing the right fly to getting that fly in front of trout.
  • April 1 @ 5 p.m. - Learn wilderness survival preparation from instructor Tara Gluski. This class teaches you to always be prepared and what to have in your daypack anytime you plan on a day in the woods.
  • April 8 @ 5 p.m. - Learn to start a fire from instructor Dave Kalishek. There will be tips on creating an emergency fire to everything you need to heat up camp in the backcountry.

If you need anymore information regarding the DNR's BOW events just click here.

If you are planning to sign up for these events, you better hurry because classes are filling up fast.

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