Seems like bears have been popping up all over recently, starting off with the West Side Bear situation in Grand Rapids back in May.

The latest sightings have been over the last few days in Holland.

WZZM-13 reports that a bear has been making the the rounds along Lakeshore Drive in Holland.

Holland resident Jack McConnell told WZZM-13 that he saw the bear in his own backyard:

"I thought maybe it's not a bear, maybe it's a log. So I started inching closer to see and all the sudden it moved and put its head up and looked at me and I thought, 'Oh no it's a bear! It's a big bear!"

According to the DNR, black bear sightings this time of year air fairly common. They are looking for food and shelter.

The DNR gives these tips for avoiding conflict with bears:

  • Never intentionally feed bears.
  • Remove potential food sources, like bird feeders, from your yard. Do not feed wild birds in the spring, summer and fall, when bears are most active.
  • Keep pet food inside or in a secured area.
  • Keep garbage and odor at a minimum by removing trash often and cleaning the can or other container used for garbage.
  • Keep garbage in a secured area or in a secured container with a metal, lockable lid until it is picked up or taken away.
  • Keep grills and picnic tables clean.
  • Bee hives (apiaries), fruit trees and gardens can be protected from bears by electric fencing

Get more info on bears from the DNR here.

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