It's that time of year again, when bears amble down from Newaygo County looking to visit the big city.

A reader of Grand Rapids subreddit spotted a bear with its cub hanging out near West River Drive and 131 this week, meaning that bear sightings might be up again on the West Side.

Bears are curious animals, always pushing to expand their territory, so this is now an almost an annual event. We could even start calling it "Bear Week' if we want a catchy name for it.

The black bears are currently quiet about their city trip, and aim to keep it that way, lest the Department of Natural Resources finds them, shoots them with a tranquilizer dart and takes them back up north to the woods.

Which has got to be awkward for the bear, waking up in a new place, groggy from the the tranquilizer, getting yelled at by other bears "What are you doing here???!!!"

"I don't know, man. I was eating a burrito from a dumpster with my kid, and all of sudden, I'm here! What happened?"

At any rate, keep in eye on your trash cans, and don't approach a bear if you see one. Call the authorities and let them deal with it.


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