The warmer is gets the more motorcycles are on the road so drivers look twice in both directions before pulling out.

We have had some unseasonably warm weather this year so the motorcycles have been out on the road in full force. I live in area lots of motorcycles tend to ride so I can hear them when I am out doing yard work and yes, I'm a little jealous that I haven't gotten mine out yet but hopefully soon.

I ride and live in a rural community where there is not a lot of traffic so people tend to roll out of their drive ways which is not good for those on motorcycles.

I also know what it is like to drive a vehicle and not see a motorcycle that is coming because I didn't look a second time. That second look can be the difference is someone getting seriously injured or even worse.

Yes its easy to tell when a bike is coming that has loud pipes on it, but not all bikes are that way. With gas prices so high, more and more people are riding them to work as well and when you get around Grand Rapids, there is some serious traffic in the morning and afternoon commutes. This increased number of vehicles makes it more difficult to spot motorcycles.

Not all motorcycle accidents are caused by people driving cars, trucks, semi's and any other vehicle out on the road, but most are usually drivers pulling out in front of bikes because they didn't see them.

So take the extra time to look both ways before you pull out. Cars and trucks share the road with a variety of motorcycles, groms, scooters and bicycles so until it gets cold next fall, please be on the look out for out friends on two wheels.

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