The boys of summer are back for the shortest season since 1878.

According to WOOD, Major League Baseball is looking at a 60-game season. The league and the players' union are still negotiating details.

Still with a lot of athletes in all sports catching COVID-19, I wonder how the players are going to handle being in a dugout together or are they going to limit the number or put players spaced out in the seats behind the dugout?

The MLB is hoping the players can start training on July 1, but the players' union has until end of business on Tuesday to decide.

Workouts are supposed to last 21 days but there will be a lot of virus testing that will need to happen in order for the players to hit the field by the last week of July.

I am surprised that the MLB and other major sports are trying so hard to move ahead with getting games going since the coronavirus has been increasing its spreading just with the opening of several states. Beaches, bars and other gatherings have already provedt that it's unsafe for people to get together and these people are not running with heavy breathing chasing a ball.

It also looks like for teams who make it to the playoffs, the players won't get paid the extra bonus money just meal money and their regular salaries. I'm sure this doesn't make the players happy but with a short season and no one in the stands it makes it difficult to make the money to pay the players as it is. There will be ten teams in the playoff's rather than the proposed sixteen.

WOOD noted that Cincinnati pitcher Trevor Bauer tweeted his unhappiness with the decision:

It still seems money is going to be an issue for players but hopefully soon that gets worked out for those longing for America's pastime to resume.

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