We’re sure you’ve lost track of all the bands that got back together in 2022, so here’s the whole list to remind you how crazy 2022 was for band reunions.

2022 was the year when Pantera finally reformed with classic members Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown. Zakk Wylde was announced to fill in for late guitar legend Dimebag Darrell, while Anthrax’s Charlie Benante will tackle the drum parts written by the late Vinnie Paul. The Pantera reformation will begin performing live in December 2022 in South America before touring with Metallica in 2023.

Pop punk fans rejoiced when Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge officially became bffs again and reunited the classic lineup of blink-182. The Mark, Tom and Travis show will kick off in 2023, with a new album from the boys also coming next year. Fans didn’t have to wait to hear DeLonge’s voice on a new blink track, however, with the band releasing “Edging” as the reunion was announced.

Another big return in the rock world was Lacey Sturm to Flyleaf. After leaving the band in 2012 and embarking on a solo career, Sturm helped bring the defunct Flyleaf back to life in 2022. Flyleaf hadn’t been active since 2016 after Kristen May announced her departure from the band, but the reformed band, dubbed Flyleaf with Lacey Sturm, will give fans the live shows they’ve been waiting for in 2023.

Check out the full list of the bands who got back together in 2022 below.

Bands That Got Back Together in 2022

These bands reunited for a short time or got back together for good in 2022.

Bands That Broke Up in 2022

Sadly, these bands either announced a breakup, went on indefinite hiatus or broke up entirely in 2022.

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