It's crazy how popular amiibo's are in the United States! People are lining up for these things when they come out, and for what? I have maybe around 12 of them and have barely used them at all. I guess they just look cool.

Either way, you can get a Mario, Bowser, Peach, Link, etc, pretty easily! However, when you start talking about Fox, Captain Falcon, Robin,'ll never find them...unless you live in Austrailia.

This guy in the video takes on the task to find every amiibo in a 24 hour period in Austrailia.

While here in America, we're having the worst time finding any kind of amiibos, this guy finds EVERY rare amiibo out there except the common ones!

Each time I check out a Meijer, Target, or any kind of store. I never see the hard to find ones, just empty pegs. Plenty of Mario, Bowser, Peach, and though.

Just goes to show you how crazy America is for these things, and Australia could care less.

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