Denny's diner chain is joining together with Atari to debut a new retro game-themed menu along with some Grand Slam mobile titles.

Atari has announced it's partnering with Denny's to bring some of its classic arcade titles back with some diner-themed twists.

Denny's has started its Atari's Greatest Hits Remixed menu at its restaurants. In turn, Atari is re-releasing three of its most famous games of all time, Asteroids, Breakout and Centipede as "Hashteroids," "Take-Out" and "Centipup" on Denny's mobile app.

The mobile app is free for iOS and Android devices.

From Denny's:

Our ‘Greatest Hits Remixed’ menu celebrates a few of Denny’s most beloved dishes, by incorporating modern flavors for a fresh, new taste,” said Frances Allen, Denny's chief brand officer. “We’re constantly looking to provide a fresh take on tradition for our guests, and this partnership with Atari allows us to extend the fun beyond our menu, and add a new spin on classic game play.

Hashteroids will have you delivering condiments in an asteroid-filled area of space, Centipup has you using a bottle to turn things into eggs and in Take-out you need to clear a wall that hides a Denny's menu. We're not sure how many of you like to download mobile apps for specific restaurants and food chains, but Denny's is likely to be the most fun of the bunch.

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