Let me first clarify that voting doesn't equal attendance. The number of attendees for ArtPrize 10 are expected to be released in the early part of 2019. However, the number of people who voted on the entries significantly went down.

MLive reports that the public vote went down 24% compared to last year. With a total of 32,613 public voters it's the lowest in ArtPrize history.

The Executive Director of ArtPrize told MLive that despite the drop, voting isn't the sole way to determine the success of the event.

...a string of rainy days and a reduction in venues with voter registration booths may have played a role.

Other things that are looked at include: social media engagement, ArtPrize sponsored events, and use of the ArtPrize app.

In 2017 about 520K people attended.

In my own personal opinion, I was a bit let down to see the lack of pieces through the Amway, DeVos Center, & Performance Hall. Taking the skywalk through these venues has always been my favorite. It seemed as if the walls were empty compared to the previous years.

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