I've played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton and even to Rockford! Do you stand like a statue and feel the buzzers and bells. Try Pinball LandI took a little jaunt over to Pinball Land in Rockford to play pinball. It's an all ages arcade featuring a collection of pinball and arcade games. Pinball Land has some top ranked games like Attack from Mars and Theatre of Magic as well as new classics like Black Knight: Sword of Rage and Stern’s Star Trek and Deadpool games. My favorite of the dozens of games they have lined up in a row was Star Trek. Because I'm a pinball wizard (insert eye roll here), I lit the game up!


They do have more than just Pinball machines at Pinball Land. Dozens of classic arcade games are available to play like Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Space Invaders, Centipede, Defender, Robotron, and Donkey Kong.


Here's the fun part about playing at Pinball Land...You don't need stacks of quarters or tickets. The admission is a flat hourly rate. It's $7 for one hour, $12 for two or you can play all day for $15. You can leave and come back later in the day if you choose. In addition to hourly play, Pinball Land offers private parties, field trips, and other special events.


All but one machine was in perfect working order while I was there. Did I get a high score? YES! You know I slayed on Galaga! I did enter my initials. And Ms. Pac Man still frustrates me. Next time you want to feel 13, try a visit there.

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