Cicada Killer Wasps can grow to be over an inch long, and are found in Michigan, but are they dangerous to humans?

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What Is a Cicada Wasp?

Over the weekend, my son and I were outside, and I spotted an unusually large wasp and was curious as to what it was and if it was dangerous.

I saw the wasp flow over to a hole in the ground and then go in. I was getting some wood together for a fire pit for the evening, but I kept an eye on the hole in the ground. Sure enough, the wasp came back out again and I couldn't believe its size so I had to find out what I was dealing with.

The wasp turned out to be a Cicada Killer Wasp. When I saw the name I'm thinking, is this one of those killer wasps that I've been hearing about in other states and maybe one made here to Michigan?

Is The Cicada Killer Wasp Dangerous to Humans?

These Cicada Killer Wasps look very intimidating but after a little research, I learned that they just live up to their name, which means they kill cicadas.

Cicadas are the main diet for the Cicada Killer Wasps. Only the females have stingers and will only use them as a defense mechanism. So, if you don't bother them then you have nothing to worry about. The females sting cicadas and then bring them back to their burrows to eat them at their leisure.

The good news is, Cicada Killer Wasps are not deadly so if you do manage to get stung, although it may not feel that great, you will not have to go to the emergency room.

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