How 'bout 'dem apples? Well the're gone, all 22,000 of them and it wasn't the deer.

According to WZZM, Spicer Orchard's located in Hartland, Michigan woke up to no apples on their trees.

The Spicer family said in 50 years they have never experienced a crime quite like this one.

The apples were last seen on Sunday, October 6th but when they came back on the 9th and the apples were all gone.

Ryan Spicer said, "There was nothing there." The family had anticipated to harvest 7,000 pounds of apples next week.

Mathew Spicer said, "It would have had to be three or four trucks." It would have to be somebody who would not have to distinguish between ripe and not ripe apples. Because they took them both."

Ryan Spicer said, "At least a crew of nine."

The 22,000 are worth close to $15,000. The thieve's didn't leave an apple on the ground.

Police are still investigating but the farm has since installed camera's to try and catch and deter more thefts.

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