Sunday night, June 7th, Apocalyptica hit The Intersection with Art of Dying for a great show in support of the new Shadowmaker album. If you haven't seen Apocalyptica, they're a great band from Helsinki, Finland. They first made waves in 1996, when they released an album of Metallica covers performed entirely with four cellos.

Then they released an album with more covers, including Sepultura and Slayer! They eventually began recording their own music, and their latest album, Shadowmaker, features their new singer, Franky Perez.

They've had a lot of support from the Metallica guys, and have even performed with them, on the song 'One'. Check out the video from Sunday's show of the Metallica classic.

The guys met a bunch of winners before the show, and then seriously rocked The Intersection harder than you'd think when you hear the word 'cellos'!

Metallica's 'One'