Netflix must really love Metallica. Just months after notoriously featuring "Master of Puppets"  in Stranger Things, now the streaming network has placed another track from the metal icons in the new Addams Family spinoff show, Wednesday.

This time, the featured song is "Nothing Else Matters," though it's not the original but rather the haunting instrumental version done by Finnish symphonic metal band Apocalyptica. The placement comes near the end of Episode Three (titled "Friend or Woe") in the Tim Burton-helmed series, which just launched Nov. 23.

Per Leo Sigh, "The music was heard on the episode during the close-to-the-ending montage as Enid is waiting for Ajax so they can go on their date, as Ajax accidentally turns himself into stone, and as Wednesday is sitting at her desk typing and talking about not believing in coincidences. And about monsters being everywhere."

Apocalyptica's take of "Nothing Else Matters" comes from their 1998 album Inquisition Symphony that featured a few instrumental originals as well as chamber orchestra takes on a number of metal tracks like Faith No More, Sepultura, Pantera and four Metallica covers.

Wednesday features some other great tracks on the soundtrack as well, including The Rolling Stones, The Cramps and Fleetwood Mac and of course a score from Burton's go-to Danny Elfman, according to The Wrap who has the full rundown of all the music featured in the series.

But the Apocalyptica x Metallica choice is most intriguing, seeing as how much the Stranger Things placement became a cultural boon for both Metallica and Netflix over the summer, resulting in the first time the song has ever broken into Spotify's Top 50 as well as the launch of a merch collaboration between the band and Netflix and a special homage to the show during Metallica's set at this year's Lollapalooza.

With Metallica's surprise today, Nov. 28, announcing their 12th studio album 72 Seasons coming in April and the throwback sound of the first single, "Lux Aeterna," there will be even more music for Netflix to pull from in the future.

For now, revisit Apocalyptica's version of "Nothing Else Matters" below.

Apocalyptica, "Nothing Else Matters"

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