Michigan State University official, William Strample, who was the boss of the convicted Larry Nassar, was arrested Monday.

According to WOOD TV, William Strample is in jail pending arraignment Tuesday but charges have yet to be announced. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette will hold a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

70-year-old Strample was the dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine, which includes the sports medicine clinic. He is the first person other than Nassar to be arrested in connection with the investigation.

Strample told police last year that he never followed up after ordering Nassar to always have a third person present when providing treatment to anything close to a sensitive area. That order was issued in 2014.

Nassar continued treating patients with no third party present and non-gloved skin to skin contact was made with a total of 12 reported assaults occurring after the first probe had ended.

A Michigan State spokeswoman said the university would continue cooperating with any investigations.


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