In April, we shared a story with you about two women who were arrested for creating a fake Ashley Madison account to send randos to harass another women. Because they're bitches, and like to do mean s*** like that. Now, another woman has been arrested and is being charged for harassing her ex with a Craigslist ad.

Tabitha Krystal Penland of Wyoming, created a Craigslist ad for guys to contact her ex and his new girlfriend for sex. This resulted in over 120 graphic calls and texts to the couple. We're not sure how many dick pics were sent, but you know it had be A LOT!

Tabitha is being charged with being a bitch unlawful posting of a message, and using a computer to commit a crime. Because there are unfortunately no laws against being a bitch.

Using a computer to commit a crime could land her in prison for four years, and the unlawful posting could get her two more.

“The defendant admitted to doing it as she was upset at her ex-boyfriend and wanted to get back at him.’’

Wyoming police officer Dennis Ferguson

Tip for you guys out there: Tabitha is single, and as soon as she's out of jail, she will be looking for someone to fill that gaping hole in her life! UPSIDE: She's probably going to prison, so your relationship won't last too long. DOWNSIDE: Once your relationship is over, you'll be getting a lot more dick pics on your phone, thanks to her.