Ann Arbor is being recognized for all that it has to offer, and as a result was named one of the top U.S. cities to live in.

Every year ranks the "Best Cities to Live" and Ann Arbor was #2 on the list for 2019. While a great spot to be, A.A. dropped after holding the #1 spot the last two years. The new title now belongs to Arlington, VA.

So what determines the best? Niche looked various factors (using the most recent data) such as:

  • Quality of Schools
  • Crime Rates
  • Employment Stats
  • Cost of Living
  • Weather
  • Amenities/Nightlife

Ann Arbor received an "A+" rating in public schools, good for families, commute & nightlife. The lowest grade the city got was a "C" for weather. Overall, Ann Arbor is an "A+" city to live in, according to Niche.

Grand Rapids didn't fare too badly, being the next city in Michigan to rank, at #68 and an overall "A-" rating. You can see the full report card for G.R. here.

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