Okay, so I'm not a Bachelor fan. I know like a billion people watch these reality TV shows, and get really wrapped up in that s***, but it's just not for me. But when I saw Ann Arbor beauty Lauren Himle was one of the contestants on the show a few months back, I openly declared my love for her. And now she's free!

Apparently in her first time alone with the Bachelor douche, whoever he is, she was refused a rose from him. This obviously shows his lack of sense and taste. I don't know who this guy is, or even what he looks like, but Lauren is hot!

Apparently there was a lot of fighting between the women on the show, and some of them ladies(?) snuck off to the bachelor's room for some squelchy to try to sway him to pick them in whatever stupid games decide who wins. I'm not sure if it worked, or if he's just taking the banging and doing his own thing anyway, or maybe with the help of the TV network, making some awesome home porn videos.

Either way, our hot Michigan girl is off, and coming home. I'm not even really bummed that she's off the show, I just want her to drive through GR and meet me on her way home. I'll even watch the dumb show, if she wants me to.

I have a rose for her already.

The Bachelor is on some channel, whatever nights, and apparently some people care. For more on this thing that some weirdos like, check this out.

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