Today on Segment 16, the guys continue to hassle Steve about this weekend's bachelor party. Joe was wondering what to do today, and was thinking of heading to Detroit, with absolutely no plans, just hang out. That's when Free Beer reminded him that Steve's bachelor party literally begins today in Detroit!

How many different ways can the guys bash on the bachelor party? They keep finding new ones...

Then, they take a look at a news story about Grand Rapids' Victorian Lady. Wendy Batchelder has taken her love of history to nursing homes, libraries, and other places, to teach people about the lives of women in the 1800's.

How did they dress, what went into their lives? She even makes all the clothes she wears, including the uncomfortable underwear, the corsets, and all.

Corsets are like spanks, in case you're wondering. So, yes, women have been torturing themselves with those things for centuries.

And no, we're not sure what Justin is doing at the beginning of the video, either.

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