This March, Scarlett Johansson will hit the big screen as the Major, in the live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, the ground-breaking anime. There's been a lot of things said about the new movie already, which I will leave to other people. What is super exciting is that the original animated movie will hit Celebration Rivertown this February!

This gives you the chance to reacquaint yourself with the original, enjoy the hell out of it, and makes notes to compare to the new, live action version.

February 7th, and February 8th, get your tickets and head over to Rivertown mall to see the original anime on the big screen! I've never seen it in a theater, so this will be a really cool thing to see.

There are two versions. On February 7th, the film is in Japanese with English subtitles. These are usually better voices, and better voice acting. If you don't mind reading a bit, this is probably the best option.

On February 8th, the theater will show the English dubbed version of the film. This is nice, since you don't have to read, but usually the quality of the voice acting is poorer, IMHO.

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