I'm not really sure where exactly on the east side little Everett Coughlin is from, but he is not taking the bad officiating in Monday's Lions game lying down. He wrote a sternly worded letter to the the League.

The adorable letter came to light on the ClickOnDetroit web site, where the letter Everett vented his spleen on was posted.

Here's the text of his letter, bad spelling and all:

Dear NFL,

My name is Everett Coughlin and I am a 9 year old Detroit Lion fan. My dream is to grow up and be a NFL player. However, my dream is on hold because of the bad reffing on Monday night on 10-14-19. The Lions were fudged on many calls that either sould have been a penelty or souldn't have. I would like to check in on the amount of training the ref's are recieving. If you are giving them a lot of training then maybe consider taking them to an eye doctor.

If you are not giving them the right amount of training than we have a problem. You are frustrating people all around the country. People who agree with me are: Booger McFarland, Joe Tessitore and many, many others. In this wich way I think we need a sulution. Please write me back as soon as possible.


Everett Coughlin

And then scan down to the comments on that page to see how many people love to give a 9-year-old some crap, and belittle his parents for raising a sensitive kid. What kind of world have we created?


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