Everyone has been disappointed with a food purchase at some point in their life. And while it's mildly annoying, there's not a whole lot you can do about it other than take/send it back and hope for a refund, right? Well, one guy in Mississippi took things a bit further than that and he's now facing charges of attempted murder!

The whole ordeal started when a man bought some peach cobbler at a truck stop. The man was not happy with the amount of peaches in the cobbler, so he complained to the cashier and things escalated QUICKLY.

Another customer stepped in to defend the cashier. When that happened, the cobbler-crazy man went out to his car and pulled a gun out of the truck and started shooting...all over peach cobbler! The man who was defending the cashier was shot in the back, but says that he would step in again if he was in the same situation.

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