After receiving reports of suspicious activity at a Walmart in Pere Marquette Township, police are warning the public to be aware of surroundings.

Reports of suspicious activity at stores have been happening recently in Michigan. Last week a mom posted about an incident at a Meijer in Mason, near Lansing, that she believed to be human trafficking. (While police do say they believe the incident happened, they do not believe it was a case of human trafficking.) Prior to that, in a now-deleted post, a man claimed to have witnessed human trafficking at a Canton Target; police say they did not find any evidence of that.

Now the Mason County Sheriff's office say they have received calls reporting unknown males approaching children and adults at the Pere Marquette Walmart.

In an information release posted to Facebook, police say they are investigating, but

have not been able to identify any persons of interest by name nor do we actually have a crime that’s been committed (that’s been reported)."


This doesn’t mean there isn’t a potentiality for a crime or those subjects being called on don’t have ill intentions."

Sheriff Kim Cole goes on to say that local law enforcement is communicating and sharing information.

He also says he walked around several shops and stores and was "amazed"  by how little attention people pay to those around them.

Cole listed off several steps for residents to take when out in the community, including being aware of your surroundings at all times, parking in well-lit areas, and reporting suspicious activity to 911 immediately.

The sheriff concludes by saying,

I realize social media is a great way to get alerts out to the public in quick order but also call the authorities as soon as possible"

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