Hey guys!  Chelsie Lee sent me over this note about Hawaii along with some killer beach photos!

Man do I have some serious jet lag!  I just got back a few days ago from Hawaii where the time difference is six hours earlier..yeah...a little hard to get used to.  But! I did make it back for Wingstock 2011 and I’m glad I did.  The show was awesome and so were those foot long tropical drinks! Hopefully everyone got a chance to meet Jackie  and I on our roller skates.   It was hard trying not to run everyone over, my apologies if we did. While I was in Hawaii I had an opportunity to work with the  talented photographer Robert Tolentino.  He is from Kaneohe, HI on the island of Oahu.  I highly recommend him If you are traveling to the islands and want some great pictures.  You can see for yourself when you look at the amazing work he did! We took these pictures at a beach located near the Diamond Head mountain on Oahu.Other than getting a few pictures taken in Oahu, I got to travel to the beautiful island of Maui.  There I went on a snorkeling trip to look at giant sea turtles and coral reef! I have to admit it was a little scary knowing that at any moment a turtle can come chomp you toes off .  When I wasn’t busy exploring the ocean my trip was filled with food, drinks, and lots of sun.  I got some major tan lines, oh yeah!

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