There's an all-female flight crew beginning an experiment on the psychological, social, and physical effects of long-term spaceflight. That kicks a lot of ass! The six Russian astronauts will conducts experiments, and live as if they're in space on a long flight. Watched by cameras the whole time, of course, for sciency reasons.

But the dumbness comes in at the press conference. It couldn't be reporters asking questions to the astronauts like they would male astronauts, but the questions were dumb s*** like, "How will you cope not being around men?"

Are you f****** kidding me? They'll probably be super happy not having farting, belching, scratching asshats locked in a small closet with them!

Or, how about, "How will you deal with being without makeup for eight days?"

Again, are you f****** kidding me? They'll be super happy not having to worry about what they look like for a bunch of asshat reporters who ask dumb questions!

I'm totally paraphrasing...okay, inventing...what the answers were. They probably smiled and gave a polite response, rather than calling the reporters idiots. They're trained to be professional in public, whereas I've barely been trained to go potty by myself.

I love seeing people on the news speak harshly about "average people" being sexist and stupid, and then turn around and show us that they're actually worse than we are. I'm not saying all of them, but it's funny. Don't lecture me on something, if you're actually the one doing the dumb things.

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