After retailers, musicians' unions, labels and other groups met to discuss album releases and piracy, it's been decided that beginning this summer, albums will come out on the same day everywhere.

Instead of new music coming out on Tuesdays in the U.S., albums will be released on Fridays beginning this summer.

No longer will there be the sadness of seeing a release date that isn't too far away, only to realize it's for Europe, and the North American date is farther away.

That always pisses me off, when I've been planning for an album to come out, and then -- crap! That's the United Kingdom!

Instead of albums coming out on Monday in Europe and Tuesdays here in the U.S., all music will start coming out on Fridays.

Consumer research by TNS across seven markets shows Friday and Saturday as the most preferred days for new music release among consumers who expressed an opinion. More than two thirds of those with a preference (68 percent) chose Friday or Saturday.

That makes total sense. Most of us get paid on Fridays, so we'll have money to get them!

This is also in an attempt also to begin cutting down on the piracy of music, since someone in England will get an album early, upload it and then U.S. sales will die. That's because people are just downloading the pirated copy.

As soon as we know the exact date this change will happen, we'll let you know!

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