The Getty Drive-In in Muskegon is finally shutting down for the year after its longest season ever. The last showings were Sunday, January 3.

Usually wrapping up its season around Labor Day, the Getty Drive-In stayed open much longer this year due to the increase in customers amid COVID-19 restrictions. While indoor movie theaters have been allowed to reopen, they are currently not able to sell concessions.

According to Wood TV 8, that's why some customers have kept coming to the drive-in: they want to be able to eat and watch a movie at the same time. Others say they feel safer with the drive-in experience, as it allows for more social distancing during the pandemic.

Kevin Sims, who manages the Getty Drive-In, tells Wood TV 8:

“This is totally new for me. I’ve been here 39 years and I’m experiencing things for the first time. I didn’t know how many people were going to come out but they kept on coming out and I was surprised every week at the crowds. But I think they got to the point where they were enjoying the drive-in and it became part of their routine."

While the mild winter we've had so far has allowed for the extended season, Sims tells Wood TV 8 that they decided it's time to finally shut down for the season:

“With the drive-in, the cost of keeping it plowed and clean would far outdo what we would make. So it’s just a business decision that has to be made. But hey, we made it to Jan. 3, which is unbelievable to me.”

The Getty Drive-In will reopen in April.

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