Another deli in Grand Rapids will be closing its doors, but not because of the pandemic.

There is nothing like a great sandwich from a deli for lunch, dinner, snack or just anytime. The folks at Cherry Deli in Grand Rapids makes a fine sandwich and it is sad to see that they will be closing their doors next month.

According to MLive, a post that was posted on the Cherry Deli Facebook page said that chef Scott Schulz was in a debilitating car accident that occurred in October of 2020 that kept him from the deli. In the interim, Schulz children Jacob and Madeline have been keeping the deli open all through the COVID-19 pandemic but both are going to college this fall.

Here is the full post made by Cherry Deli on Facebook:

We are sad to share that Cherry Deli will be closing after 17 years of business. The deli was one of the first businesses to locate on the now revitalized Cherry Street. “I wanted to open a business that would be a main-stay for the neighborhood and provide great food,” said Chef Scott Schulz, the genius behind the sandwiches. Unfortunately, Chef Scott was in a debilitating car accident last October. His children, Jacob and Madeline, powered through and kept the deli open through Covid. They will now be attending college this Fall. We love our customers that have supported us through the years. For the foreseeable future, our two sister delis - Two Beards Deli at 38 Commerce SW and West Side Deli in the Bridge Street Market - will continue to remain open. Thank you all for the years of love and support that we have seen from the community. Cherry Deli’s last day will be Friday, September 10th.

So if you have any Cherry Deli gift cards or punch cards you can still get those redeemed at TwoBeards or West Side deli.

Its sad to see Cherry Deli leave the Grand Rapids' East Hills neighborhood since they have been there 17 year and one of the first business to help revitalize Cherry Street.

Schulz himself has not be able to be reached for any kind of comment on the deli closing.

Schulz could not be reached for comment.

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