Book fair day at school was THE BEST when I was a kid. You could walk away with a stack of books and maybe even a cool toy or two - in the middle of the school day, no less!

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Well, if you, like me have been missing book fairs as an adult - one is coming up for us, and it's spooky themed!

In June Broad Leaf Brewery and Spirits partnered with Schuler Books for their first ever adult book fair. The event featured SciFi and Fantasy books, merchandise, and specialty drinks. They're doing it again!

Schuler's says,

We’re back with another Adult Book Fair at Broad Leaf Brewery; spooky scary edition! We’ll be there with horror, thriller, and witchy reads of all kinds and loads of fun bookish merch. We can’t wait to see what specialty drinks Broadleaf comes up with! We bet they'll be spooky. And scary!

The Spooky Scary Adult Book Fair is Sunday October 29, starting at noon, at Broad Leaf Brewery at 2885 Lake Eastbrook Blvd SE in Kentwood.

Broad Leaf Brewing, Facebook/ Canva
Broad Leaf Brewing, Facebook/ Canva

If you haven't been to Broad Leaf Brewing, they serve innovative and creative craft beer and cocktails.

Their menu includes modern street food items like curry fried rice balls, drunken noodles, and Korean toast. You'll also find burgers, salads, and a variety of sides.


Broad Leaf Brewing, Facebook
Broad Leaf Brewing, Facebook

If you're interested in more books and brew events, Broad Leaf has also partnered with Schuler on Beers and Books the last Sunday of each month. It's their new book club! Each meeting, Broad Leaf's General Manager Jared will be leading discussion on the whos, whats, and whys of the carefully chosen novel line-up.

Participants will enjoy $1 off drinks and 10% off food during club meetings.
Schuler Books will have each of the book clubs' titles available for purchase four weeks before the discussion date at their reading group table for 20% off. Interested in joining? Email

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