It's crazy how one little change can take one of the most successful movie franchises and turn it into an utter nightmare. We're not talking spoilers here, either.

What if instead of his normal noise, Chewbacca screamed like a girl? In the first scene shown below, the edit is kind of funny and almost makes sense. But what if every time Chewbacca opened his mouth, nothing but girly screams came out? Thanks, but I'd almost prefer Jar Jar Binks at that point. Almost.

Or, what if Chewbacca sounded like Pee Wee Herman? The second video shows just what a nightmare this would be. In the normal movies, Chewbacca has few enough lines that this edit could still work out, but in the Star Wars Holiday Special, where most of the movie's dialogue involves Chewbacca or his family, the Pee Wee Herman edit quickly becomes a fresh version of hell.

You can check out both edited cuts below.