Michael Kelly was riding the Sacramento Light Rail when his seeing eye dog, Kie, was attacked by another rider's pit bull. 

Kelly and Kie got on the light rail and were instantly met by a pit bull that lunged towards Kie and locked it's jaw onto Kie's mouth, the owner claimed the other dog was also a service animal.

Kelly said Kie "has blown off this attack very nicely" and continued being the 10-out-of-10 good boy he is.

Police later were told that the animal was not, in fact, a service dog. The owner said that in order to avoid a fine for not having his pet in a carrier on his lap but he instead got a fine for riding without purchasing a pass.

Kelly says it is infuriating that there is not much the police can do because of rules put in place by the American Disabilities Act. The act protects people with disabilities from having to explain or prove their need for a service animal. This means, according to Kelly, "many people lie about it that it ruins it for those of us that have a legitimate need.”

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