After reading this story, I wish I had enough room for a mini horse and a goose because I'd adopt for sure!

The Bucks County SPCA in Pennsylvania is taking applications for a mini horse named Waffles and his best friend, a goose named, Hemmingway.

BCSPCA says they rescued the two from a farm in Pennsylvania in July, and although they were rescued with other animals, these two have proven they’re best buds and need to be adopted together.

According to WFMZ, When the pair arrived at Bucks County SPCA, Waffles had an infection, and while they were treating him, the staff noticed Hemmingway would comfort Waffles, while he was laying down, and then become very protective when staff would come near to give shots and other medicines.

Bucks County SPCA staffer Linda Reider told WFMZ,

"When we go to give, have medicines or injections, Hemingway would get in between and say, 'I'm sorry that's my buddy the horse. He doesn't want a shot today.'"

The pair is still up for adoption and applications are being accepted right now, according to the BCSPCA Facebook post. Just don’t do like the video below, and if you adopt them, don’t change the goose’s name… please.

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