I can't remember a Memorial weekend in Michigan that didn't have at least one day of rain...but now I can.

I was complaining last week when looking at the five day forecast that showed possible rain on Saturday, Sunday and Memorial Day. Then we each day came...there was no rain.

I always try and to have a mix or work around the yard and have some fun with my son on Memorial weekend and because the rain held off, we were able to have a good batch of both.

We worked on a landscaping project and boy did we have to move a lot of rocks and boulders but we got the big job out of the way on Friday.

Saturday we followed up with some more landscaping but we finished strong with a nice fishing trip on Little Whitefish Lake in Pierson.

I had rented a cottage for about 8 months when I first returned to Michigan and it was on Little Whitefish Lake. There was some boat traffic for sure on Saturday but we found a little corner out of the wind and action and managed to catch a nice pile of blue gills.

Sunday, the rain held off yet again and we were able to get a ton of yard work done plus we put some serious miles on the ATV. Where we live in Newaygo county there are a bunch of trails right near the house. We closed out the day with a nice big bonfire and some smores.

On Sunday we were going to reserve some kayaks at Wisner in Newaygo but due to the high water they were closed Sunday and Memorial Day. My son was really bummed so then I decided to go get a couple of kayaks of our own so we ventured up to Big Rapids. We went to several stores before we settled on a pair but it was worth it.

On Memorial day we packed some lunches, loaded the kayaks and returned to Little Whitefish Lake for a day of kayaking and swimming and practicing some social distancing and we had a blast.

So big thank you to mother nature for holding off on the rain and giving my son and I a Memorial weekend we will never forget.

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