If you haven't take a trip down the Muskegon river in a while, you may want to bring a fishing pole next time.

Over the weekend my son Evan and I did some kayaking down the Muskegon river but we brought our fishing poles for some extra fun.

We attempted to make a trip over Memorial weekend but due to the recent amount of rain we have received the water was too high and fast to rent a kayak. The river is still a little high and its moving pretty good but Wisner rentals are back open for business.

What a great way to spend a day on the water. We brought a little cooler with some drinks and lunch. We also had some zip lock bags with stuff we didn't want to get wet tucked away...like my phone which I did drop in the water and thank goodness it was in the bag and sealed.

We took the long ride because the first half is much better for fishing then the second half of the ride.

You don't have to kayak and you don't have to fish either. You can rent a tube or a canoe as well. We chose the double kayak since the water is pretty fast right now for a seven year old.

Evan and I like to fish so there was no way we were going down that river without our poles and it sure paid off.

Now we did take a few breaks so my son could swim a little but that water was a bit too cold for me. There are plenty of places to stop along the way if you want to take breaks just make sure its not private property.

My son caught his first rainbow and brook trout. Plus his first rock bass. He also caught some smallmouth bass as well. We literally started catching fish minutes after launching into the water.

We used little spinners since they are easy to cast plus we were moving along at a pretty good clip. We never really concentrated on fishing any particular spot we just fished where the kayak took us.

We have had a lot of luck using spinners with a gold spinner on them but feel to try what ever you like.

The excitement from my son have several firsts this weekend was pretty special and trust me when I say it was as much fun watching him catch his first trout and it was reeling them in myself.

One weekend he and I will never forget.

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