What do a garbage truck and marijuana have in common? They both smell funky. And in this particular situation... some funky business was exposed.

FOX 2 Detroit reports that a garbage truck was driving down the road in Sterling Heights last Wednesday around 5:30 a.m., when an approaching car ran a red light and cut off the truck. In an effort to avoid hitting the car, the driver of the truck swerved but unfortunately still hit the approaching vehicle. Even worse it ended up crashing into the side a building which revealed a bunch of pot plants. I know... of all buildings, what are the odds it's one full of marijuana?!

Growing marijuana is illegal in commercial buildings because the city did not opt in to allow it.

WXYZ Detroit spoke with the owner of the building next door and said they've always expected something was up because of the "fresh skunk smell all morning long."

Sterling Heights Police are currently investigating the illegal operation and told WXYZ that there were about 60 pot plants found. The only other information released was that two people were renting the building. Whether they've been arrested or charged with anything is unknown at this time.

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Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

The story ended up going viral and making national news. Hoda Kotb talked about it on the TODAY show.

Footage of the garbage truck crashing into the building was also caught on video, seen below.

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