What. A. Show!

A Day to Remember kicked off their "15 Years in the Making Tour" along with Papa Roach, Falling in Reverse, and The Devil Wears Prada here in Grand Rapids Tuesday night. If you were there and want to relive it, or you couldn't make it, watch the videos to see what you missed!

Papa Roach ripped into their set with "Crooked Teeth" and "Getting Away with Murder". Their intro had me laughing-- just a warning that there are a  couple "F-s" sprinkled in there, in case you're watching at work!

Later, Jacoby Shaddix jumped from the stage and sang "American Dream" out in the crowd. He was on the opposite side as me, so I didn't get to like, reach out and touch him or anything, haha, but I was pretty jealous of the fans that got to mingle with him as he belted out the song! He made his way back to stage and the band ripped into "Help".

To wrap up their set, Papa Roach rocked "Last Resort" into "To Be Loved" and a righteous mic drop from Jacoby Shaddix.

The amped up crowd was definitely ready when A Day to Remember took the stage! They started off with "I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?", right into "You Already Know What You Are".

A couple songs in, the big screens behind the band came down, flashing photos and videos, which was very cool. A Day to Remember ripped into "Second Sucks" and "Right Back at it Again".

Janna/ WGRD
Janna/ WGRD

As usual, during "All Signs Point to Lauderdale", the streamers and toilet paper started flying!

The excitement continued with ADTR rocking "Have Faith in Me" and "Paranoia", and more, with the awesome GR crowd never losing steam!

Before the show too, GRD listeners got hang out with Papa Roach and ADTR, check out photos here!

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