A Day To Remember, Papa Roach, Falling in Reverse and The Devil Wears Prada performed at the Delta Plex Tuesday February 20th for the 15 Years In The Making Tour. All the bands were incredible, but there was something about the concert attendee's that took a great show...to another level.

I have personally have attended shows all over the United States and one thing that I have noticed is, that there is nothing like a Michigan concert audience. Each band that performed last night did an amazing job and it seemed after each band, the audience kicked it up a notch. Yes, that is typically what is supposed to happen but last last night was special.

For a Tuesday night, the Grand Rapids concert attendee's were ELECTRIC during all four bands sets, but what impressed me the most was the energy in between the sets. The intensity kicked up before Papa Roach, following a stellar set from Falling in Reverse. The audience were singing and dancing to the house music. After Papa Roach ripped through an energy filled set, the house music for a rock show switched to older pop and hip-hop tracks and the audience were having a great time. Just before A Day to Remember hit the stage the music changed back to rock and System of a Down's Chop Suey came on...and the entire crowd sang every word very intently. Then Slipnot's Duality came on...the crowd was so intense and at times the singing was almost as loud if not louder than the house mix. I began to smile in awe of the audience and their true excitement for what was to come next. Who ever programmed the house music between Papa Roach and A Day To Remember...kudos to you! You tee'd up an audience for an incredible performance by A Day To Remember...and an incredible performance by the attendee's at the show!

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