Imagine how this Victorian home in Saginaw must have looked in its prime. Today this home stands abandoned, overlooked and needing lots of TLC.

The home is in Saginaw's Houghton-Jones neighborhood at the corner of 7th and Federal streets. It caught the attention of the Michigan's Abandoned Structures and Places group on Facebook.

The photos in this article come from 2014. More contemporary 2018 photos show the windows that appear below with shades are now fully boarded up and stilts are propping up the front porch.

The home at 1317 Federal Ave was built in 1894 and is 3441 square feet. 1894 marked the end of Saginaw's Lumber Boom, and less than a decade since the once-separate city of East Saginaw was combined with the City of Saginaw on the west side of the river to form one city.

Here are what people are saying about the home:

What a stately home this was in it's day

new bricks on the chimney was an attempt -haphazardly installed vent in the attic could have been done better, very nice leaded glass windows

Someone needs to turn that into a haunted house

Deep pockets can save anything... but if one could just keep it dry she could last a loooong time

Take a look around the house:

7th and Federal - Saginaw Home

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