Every year I head to Rock on the Range. So I speak from experience when I say that it's something that you need to prepare for, especially when you are on budget.

Rock on the Range is no cheap adventure! You have to pay for lodging, food, gas, and more!

Here is what I do every year to prepare for the big weekend.

I am a 6-year ranger and counting. Every year is awesome! Even though they release the lineups and I am disappointed each year, I still go, so what's the point of complaining, right?

Over the years, I have learned a few things about Rock on the Range. If you have your tickets and are ready to make the hike from Grand Rapids to Columbus, OH for a 3 day rock fest. Here are some tips for you to soak in and remember.

  • Book Your Hotel in Advance

    You think you could sleep in your car for 3 days, and maybe you can. But, nothing beats a cozy bed and shower after being in pits from noon to midnight.

    Plus, this a great place to store all of your stuff and keep it safe (Hopefully...)

    There have been too many times that I have walked up to my room to I see a line at the office and NO rooms available!

    David Becker/Getty Images
  • Don't Book a Hotel Right by the Event

    Unless you have the cash to pay for it!

    When I first started going to Rock on the Range, it was pretty easy to find a Motel 6 pretty close to the stadium. As the event grew, though, so did the attendance, then the filled rooms, and especially, the prices!

    I used to stay a Motel 6 on Morse Rd. because it was pretty cheap, around $55 per night. Take a crack at how much it is during that weekend?

    $87-$137! For a Motel 6!

    Book early and book away.

    (Johnnie Walker/WGRD)
  • Bring a Cooler with Breakfast/Snacks/Hydration

    Unless you feel like paying a million dollars for a hot dog and some chips, bring a cooler to your hotel room, you won't regret it.

    My wife and I usually pack a quart of milk, cereal, sports drinks, yogurt, fruit, and other 'power foods.'

    Remember, you are going to be outside for a LONG time, so you may as well eat something that is gonna keep you going and not drag your feet.

    Unless you want to drink it up, then party hardy, my friend.

    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
  • Sunglasses & Sunscreen

    The stadium is a big place, with very few shaded areas. When you make it to the shaded areas, they will be covered with people with the same mindset as you!

    Let's face it, you'll be sitting and standing ALL DAY in the sun! And you'll be doing that for 3 WHOLE DAYS!

    Keep your sun block up and your sun glasses on to protect yourself from those UV's, they'll get ya if you don't!

    David McNew/Getty Images
  • Wear Lighter Clothing

    Since you are going to be outside for a long period of time, possibly moshing, crowd surfing, and sweating up a storm. I would suggest wearing lighter clothing.

    It is a rock concert, so I would assume you would wear black. Maybe wear a shirt that can breathe as opposed to 100% cotton that locks in the heat and sweat.

    You'll be thanked by the thousands of people there because you won't stink as much.

    Matt Cardy/Getty Images