The holiday season is upon us and you might be wondering what to get the guitarist in your home. It's been a weird year for most musicians because there isn't really a place for us to perform. I haven't played a gig since the end of January and it's already December! One of the ways I stayed sane throughout 2020 was being able to play music at home. A lot of that means getting specific recording tech or some expensive computer software. Rather than give you some inflated list of nerdy technology, I complied a small list of some affordable stocking-stuffer sized gifts that might be handy to get the rocker or guitar player in your life for the holidays!

Before we start this list, I do want to note that if a local music store is open in your area, then you should contact them to see if they have any of the things you need before shopping online.


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A multi-purpose gift, headphones are perfect for your home recording guitarist. Noise-Cancelling over the ear headphones are probably one of the best things to have in your home studio. In order to rock out quietly at home, you're going to need a reliable pair of headphones.


This one is for all of the new musicians picking up the acoustic guitar. No matter what tuning you're in, it's good to be in tune. There are lots of very affordable tuners out there. Just remember to by back up batteries! It's easy to leave these stinkers on all day and drain the battery.

Strings & Winder

Another guitar-centric suggestion. No matter if you're a sweep picker or strummer, you're always going to need back up set guitar strings. Find out what kind of strings the guitarist in your life uses. They'll always be happy with an extra pack. For a bonus pick up a winder tool to cut the string and wind the strings up on the guitar!

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