A lawsuit was filed Monday against Michigan State University claiming the university coerced a women to not report an alleged rape to authorities. The report stated that three Michigan State basketball players raped the student a week after the 2015 Final Four.

The paperwork filed at a U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, alleges three unnamed players took the then 18-year-old woman home from Harper's Bar in East Lansing between the night of April 11, 2015 and the morning of April 12.

WZZM-13 reports that the woman's attorney, Karen Truszkowski, says her client never reported the alleged sexual assault to police but did report the incident to a counselor at the Michigan State University Counseling Center. She also said the counselor failed to properly advise her client and even implied it would not be in her best interest to report the incident to law enforcement.

Spartans men's basketball coach Tom Izzo has yet to make a statement on whether he was notified regarding the allegations.

The alleged victim of the assault, is still a student at MSU. The victim said one of the players offered to buy her a drink and invited her to meet some other members of the team then invited her to a party at an off-campus apartment. The student was a sports journalism major, and according to court documents, "interacting with members of the basketball team was of interest to her."

Upon arriving at the apartment, the lawsuit alleges that the woman became "extremely hungry and thirsty." She then realized that, contrary to what she had been told, her roommate (who had been with her at Harper's Bar) was not at the party. At that point, the suit alleges that the plaintiff felt "discombobulated" to the point where she was unable to even send a test.

Point 26 of the allegations in the suit say that one of the players pulled the woman into a bedroom and told her "you are mine for the night." At that point, she was able to leave the bedroom and make her way back to the living room.

Upon trying to load a song that onto the laptop that was playing music at the "party", the woman realized she was unable to do so due to the way that she was feeling ("discombobulated"). It was then, according to the lawsuit, that she "realized something was wrong and she thought she might have been drugged."

Further along in the suit, it is stated that one of the players asked the woman if she would like to see his basketball memorabilia. She agreed, and when she went into the player's room to look at said memorabilia, she says the man held her down and raped her.

As soon as he was finished, she claims that two others players came in and took turns doing the same.

The woman claims that when she went to MSU, it was implied that it would be in her best interest not to report the rape to police.

In a statement, MSU's vice president and university spokesperson, Emily Guerrant, said that the university does not comment on pending litigation.






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