Kelloggsville Public Schools did everything they could to keep their Varsity football season going but were forced to cancel the rest of their games for 2019.

According to WOOD, the Kelloggsville Varsity team only has 12 players that are able to play due to injuries and other factors that has the team roster way down.

It is hard to compete when you have to have 11 team members on the field for every play and you only have one sub.

In a press release the school stated; "We have been monitoring our low numbers since the beginning of the season and have tried a variety of strategies to boost those numbers up, but because of recent injuries and other unforeseen events we are left with no other option.

A couple seasons ago the Kelloggsville Rockets were 10-1 but this season they have yet to win a game and have now forfeited their final games against Belding, Godwin and Hopkins.

School officials say the Rockets JV team will continue their season for 2019.

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