Well kind of.  The poor girl actually ran over a drunken man who thought it would be funny to dress up like Bigfoot and scare drivers on Highway 93 in rural Montana.  NBC Montana.com reports that according to his companions, the 44 year old man was on the highway in the ghillie suit attempting to incite a sighting of Bigfoot, to make people think they had seen a Sasquatch.

“He probably would not have been very easy to see at all,” said Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Schneider. Truly sad for the poor yuckster who couldn't leave a great legacy as a great jokester as dispatchers never did receive a call that a Sasquatch had been sighted but they did receive a call that the worst prankster in the world had been hit by not one but two cars by the time it was all over.   How disappointed too was the newly anointed 15 year old driver thinking she had finally captured the elusive Bigfoot.

In the meantime enjoy some videos from people who obviously didn't die attempting to pull off their own Bigfoot sighting.