Li-sa-X is a 10-year-old Japanese girl who loves to play the guitar, and she doesn't go for the easy stuff, either. She likes to shred! Pick a crazy tech band, and she will probably want to cover their song, and do it better. (And with less emo hair).

Here she is, covering Polyphia's "Aviator", and she does an insanely good job with this song, and the band is probably jealous. As MuroHaukka on YouTube put it:

Japanese Kid

She's got the tremelo bar warble thing down, great picking technique, and it's super-cute how she makes a face when she doesn't play bit as perfectly as she wanted to!

Time to go practice a bit more, this girl is kicking our asses! Today seems to be Japanese challenge day!

For comparison, here's the Polyphia video for their song:

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