Every big business has a huge marketing department behind it to help ensure that the brand is perceived by the public just the way they want it to be.  Despite how much money and preparation is involved, ad campaigns can be hit or miss.  Sometimes the most elaborate campaigns can be a failure and the simplest ad can be the most effective.  These ads fall into that second category.  Elegantly simple and straight to the point.

If you don't understand one of the ads, here is a brief explanation of each:

Playboy - Big bush in the 70's, trimmed in the 2000's.

Hut Weber - Hitler and Charlie Chaplin, same mustache.

LEGO - The Simpsons, use your imagination.

Durex - Baby seat $217, condom $2.50.  With a condom, no need for the baby seat.

McDonald's - Free Wifi.

MTV - Remembering Michael Jackson.

Oogmerk - Glasses make you more classy.

Haribo - The best gummy bears on the planet climb right out of the fruit.

FedEx - From New York to Rio de Janeiro.

Durex - That guy needs a Durex XXL.

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