Today on Segment 16, the guys lament the 10 day streak in Grand Rapids without sun. The record is 12 days straight, and we're hoping not to hit that. Then they talk about a local McDonald's robbery, and the Lazy T Motel.

The guys totally have that seasonal disorder that makes them sad without the sun.

Also, they get the update on the early morning McDonald's robbery that happened just after 5 am this morning, and robbed the place by knifepoint. He then escaped to the Lazy T Motel.

$40 will give you another full day at the Lazy T...or, in case you're in the market for a bargain, you can get the same room for only an hour for $40. Huge savings!

The police just had to follow the tracks in the snow to find him. SWAT broke through a window, and the guy was captured peacefully-ish.

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