Weeks after Pantera singer Philip Anselmo stated he's keeping an "open mind" regarding any sort of Pantera reunion, Zakk Wylde has expressed that he's open to the idea too. Of course, Wylde would be stepping into the role of the late Dimebag Darrell.

Over the years, there's only been one guitarist who has been mentioned in the same breath as a post-Dime Pantera reunion and that's Wylde. The two had a long history of friendship and partying and, besides, he's got the chops to do Dime justice if any reformation were to take place. If it did happen, Wylde insists he's not viewing himself as the late axeman's replacement, but rather as someone who is able to pay tribute to the legacy, as he said in an interview on "The Cassius Morris Show."

"When Saint Vinnie [drummer Vinnie Paul] was still around, they were talking about it then," said Wylde of past discussions about a Pantera reunion prior to the passing of Vinnie Paul.

"I mean, the way I always looked at it is it's a Pantera celebration and an honor," he continued, likening the situation to what he's doing in Ozzy Osbourne's band. "I mean, every night I'm playing with Ozz, we honor Saint Rhoads [guitarist Randy Rhoads]. I'm playing the Randy stuff every night, and I'm blessed and it's an honor to do it. Basically, we're paying tribute to Randy every night — keeping his music alive," added Wylde.

"No one's replacing anybody," stressed the guitarist. "No one's replacing Randy Rhoads — he was a one-off. Just like no one's replacing Jimi Hendrix and no one's replacing Dime or Vinnie."

Furthering his point, Wylde offered another example, stating, "If [Led] Zeppelin was going out, and if Jason's [Bonham] playing drums, no one's replacing his father. What they're doing is celebrating his father's greatness and what he achieved and all the mountains he conquered with Zeppelin."

"It's more of a tribute and a celebration than it is... You can't replace any of these people I'm talking about — they're all legendary guys," stressed Wylde, reiterating his take on his role within a hypothetical reunited Pantera, "But, yeah, you're just celebrating all their achievements — that's all."

When Anselmo was asked the same question in September, he was non-committal, simply saying, "I'm open for anything," noting that he's still in touch with Rex Brown and considers him a friend.

Zakk Wylde on "The Cassius Morris Show"

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