I have played a lot of hide and seek in my day but never to the point that someone actually dies...and that is just what happened to a young man in Detroit.

According to WOOD, a 21-year-old man was playing an innocent game of hide and seek with friends inside a vacant building and wound up falling to his death. Detroit police are investigating the death where the young man apparently fell down an elevator shaft trying to hide from his friends.

According to the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office the victim is identified at Jonathan Mazqai of Taylor. The medical examiner has not concluded the autopsy yet so no official cause of death has been announced.

Mazqai's friends were playing hide and seek on the ninth floor of the vacant building early Saturday morning when his friends were unable to find him. The friends left when they couldn't find him but did come back later to see if they could locate him. The friends did find Mazqai but at the bottom of the elevator shaft and that is when they alerted authorities.

The vacant building the kids were playing in was formerly the Grand Trunk Warehouse & Cold Storage building that closed its doors back in 2002.

A city crew went to the building Monday to make sure it was locked down to ensure others safety.


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